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What a difference it would make

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

Thou hast the dew of thy youth —Psalm 110:3

Oh, that we might get such a view of Him as would make it impossible for little things ever to fret us again! The petty cares that have troubled us so much ought rather to cause us to wonder that we can think so much about them.

if we had the dew of His youth we would go forth as the morning and fulfill the promise of a glorious day! What a difference it would make in life were we to realize this is possible! How easy it would be, when the little troubles come, to draw a little closer to Christ, to drink in a little more of that fountain of life, to get a little nearer to that loving heart and to draw in great draughts of refreshing and strength from it. How clear it would make the head for work!

Coming to Him thus, heavy and dull and tired, we can become rested and able to spring forth ready for work. How inspiring to think that our living Head never grows weary! He is as fresh as He ever was. He is a glorious conqueror. He is ever the victorious Christ. Let Him take you today, and He will cause you to see in Him the invincible Leader!

by A.B. Simpson

The Ministry Of Goliath

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Goliath was a massive problem, a terror to God’s people. Yet ultimately, he existed for good. It was through Goliath that Israel and David saw the power of God. Through Goliath came David’s greatest hour. Through Goliath, David would ultimately become king. In the Book of Acts, the apostles faced Goliath problems. Yet through all their adversity, they ended up spreading the Word to the world and becoming pure, strong, victorious, and miraculous. It was through Goliath and Goliath-sized problems that the people of God became who they were born to be. And it is through Goliath problems that you become the victorious person you were meant to become.

Do you have a Goliath problem? Then you have a Goliath blessing waiting as well. So don’t run from your Goliath. Don’t complain about it. Do what David did. Rise with the challenge. Rise in courage, faith, and God’s power, and your Goliath problem will become your Goliath blessing.

Today’s Mission – Today, set your heart on facing your Goliath, and by the power of the Most High, slaying it.

by Jonathan Cahn