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Five Mideast Leaders And Syrian Destiny

Gary Stearman 90x115by Gary Stearman

In the current revolution of the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria has become ground zero. Having overthrown the governments of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, the Brotherhood is now taking advantage of the political and religious conflicts that have seriously weakened the Damascus regime of Bashar al Assad.

From the Turkish border on the north to the Sea of Galilee on the south, Syria ranges about four hundred miles along the eastern Mediterranean shores and the Lebanon border. By all accounts, it is now in a death spiral, wracked by atrocities – spasms of reaction by Assad against his own innocent citizens. During May and June, men, women and children were being slain by government forces as a warning not to repeat the revolutions of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Yet the uprisings continue, and amidst their swirling fires, political alliances have lurched through a variety of coalitions and power plays.

Tensions Boil As Israeli Oil Riches Grow

Ed DeShields 90x115by Ed DeShields

Israel’s once hidden oil riches are now certain to be so large its treasures could make it the richest oil country in the world.  And, its neighbors are not only noticing, they’re boiling mad.

It was just forty years ago when Golda Meir, the former prime minister of Israel once famously quipped, “Why did Moses lead us to the one place in the Middle East without oil?”

Well Prime Minister, Moses turned out to have a pretty good eye for what a promised land might look like.

Since oil was first discovered in the Middle East, Israel has been cut off from the world’s exploration resources because of its Arab neighbors.  No major oil company would dare explore there in fear of an Arab backlash.  Over time technologies in oil exploration have improved and international experts have noticed Israel’s potential.