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The Treasures Of The Tent

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

The Israelites had to build a tabernacle so that God’s presence would dwell with them. They were to build it using their own costly possessions and materials – their treasures. We want to have a good relationship and walk with God, to know Him and be in His presence, but so often we’re careless. We give God leftovers of our time and wonder why we don’t have the kind of walk and life we should. Learn from the tabernacle. God would only dwell in a tabernacle made of costly things. Knowing God and dwelling with God will cost you, but it’s worth it. It’ll cost you to have a glorious life, but the treasure is without price. We must treasure our time with God, make Him the most precious thing in your day. Treasure God’s presence and the time you spend with Him- let it cost you. Give up things for it, your costly things. You’ll have a true tabernacle, and God’s glory and presence will dwell with you and your life. You give Him your best and God will do the same for you. For His best is what He’s done already.

Today’s Mission – What costly thing in your life can you give up in order to be with God – a television show? Time on the internet, an entertainment, and indulgence? Give that time instead to the Lord, to use to be in His presence.

by Jonathan Cahn

Flinging Gold and Diamonds Into The Sea!

J.R. Millerby J.R. Miller

“Be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise–making the most of your time!” Ephesians 5:15-16

If you saw a man standing by the shore, and flinging gold coins and diamonds into the sea–you would say that he was insane. Yet God sees many people continually doing something very like this. Not gold and precious stones, do they this throw away–but minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years of time–possessions which are of greater worth than any gems of earth!

If we knew the intrinsic value of time–we would not allow a moment of it ever to be wasted!

It is said that in the mints, where gold is coined, that the sweepings of the floors are gathered and passed through the fire, and that in the course of a year large amounts of gold are saved from the mere dust of the precious gold which flies from it as it passes through the various processes of minting.

In the same way, what vast values would be saved if there were some way of gathering up all the little fragments of the days and hours–the golden dust of time, which people let drop amid the wastes!

Then think how much most of us would really add to the length of our life, if we had learned to use every hour and moment. We talk seriously of the brevity of life. We are often heard complaining about the shortness of the days, wishing they had many more hours in them. Probably the majority of people waste one-half of their time, and have made only one-half as much of their life as they might have done–if they had only used their time with wise economy, and had not squandered any of it.

by J.R. Miller