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The Hal Lindsey Report 7-27-12

Hal Lindsey 90x115by Hal Lindsey

Over the last year, I have watched Syria and occasionally reported on the crisis there. However, it seems that even though much has transpired there — as many as 19,000 have been killed in the violence — nothing really changed. The unrest in Syria began in the early days of the "Arab Spring," which erupted in February, 2011. Yet today, 17 months later, Bashar al-Assad’s regime is still in control and maintains that control via a military that remains essentially intact.

Now it appears that the Assad dynasty may be nearing its end. Whether Bashar al-Assad is assassinated, hands over power peacefully, or makes his escape a few steps ahead of the pursuing rebel forces, it seems to be just a matter of time before Syria becomes a radically different nation. And that prospect is causing more than a few sleepless nights throughout the neighborhood.


The Damascus/Psalms 83 Question

WhiteTerry James 90x115by Terry James

Most of the following worries in the Middle East center around a number of factors:

  1. Israel’s impatience with threats from its enemies
  2. Iran’s bellicose posturing in threatening to use its missiles
  3. The Syrian regime’s feared ability to wage biological and chemical warfare; and
  4. (of particular concern for many Bible prophecy students) the so-called Psalms 83 war.

I term it “so-called" because I remain unconvinced that the Scriptures involved indicate a prophesied war–for reasons I will address in due course. Other factors just mentioned dominate news coming out of the region where Armageddon is foretold to bring the world together for the final and most horrific war of the age.