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Hidden from myself

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

My helpers in Christ Jesus —Romans 16:3

Christ’s Church is overrun with captains. It is in great need of a few more privates. A few rivers run into the sea, but a larger number run into other rivers. We cannot all be Pioneers, but we can all be helpers. No man is fitted to go in first place until he has learned well how to go second.

A spirit of self-importance is fatal to all work for Christ. The biggest enemy of true spiritual power is spiritual self-consciousness. Joshua had to die to human plans and strategy before Jericho could fall.

God often has to test His chosen servants by putting them into a subordinate place before He can bring them to the front. Joseph had to learn to serve in the kitchen and to suffer in prison before he could rise to the throne. As soon as he was ready for the throne, the throne was waiting for Joseph. God has more places than accepted candidates. Let us not be afraid to go into the training class and even take the lowest place, for we shall soon move up if we really deserve to.

Lord, use me so that Thou shalt be glorified and I shall be hidden from myself and others.

by A.B. Simpson

The God Coin

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Messiah asked those who were testing him about paying taxes, “Whose image is on this coin?” They answered, “Caesar’s.” To which He responded, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesars, and render to God the things that are God’s.” In other words, if the coin bears the image of Caesar, then it belongs to Caesar and must be given to him. But Genesis 1:27 says that man bears the image of God. Thus, as a coin is to Caesar – so you are to God. If you bear God’s image, then you rightfully belong to Him, and if you belong to Him, you must render, or give yourself to Him. It’s the only natural and proper thing to do – since we already belong to Him. And beyond that, it reveals that if you don’t give yourself totally and wholly for God, then your life is lived in debt. In fact, your life becomes a stolen property or an illegal substance. That’s why when you do your own thing with your life, it never works out. Something is always wrong. So render unto God today that thing that is God’s – namely you!

Today’s Mission – Today, resist doing your own thing and give yourself totally and wholly to God.

by Jonathan Cahn