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Messiah In Tears

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

The Hebrew word Immanuel or in English Immanuel is actually a sentence: Im means ‘with,’ anu means ‘us,’ and El means ‘God’. God is with us. Messiah’s name is not just a name, it’s a Hebrew sentence. Whatever He did in His life, He was ‘God is with us’ doing it. In John 11 it says, “Messiah, wept.” Messiah in sorrow and tears was Immanuel in sorrow and tears. That spells out a message— “God is with us in sorrow and tears.”

Having God in your life doesn’t mean you’ll be exempt from sorrow and tears, but it means you’ll never be alone. God will be with you in all things, at all times. Even when you feel far from His presence, His presence is never far. For God is with you in your sorrows and tears. Even in your deepest pain, He will be just as much there as He ever was, and even more so. You will find that if you look, He is there as Immanuel weeping with you and loving you, just beyond your tears.

Today’s Mission – Spend time in the presence of God today. Be still and know that He is with you in all things.

by Jonathan Cahn

The Divine Design

Vance Havnerby Vance Havner

But he [chastens us] for our profit… Hebrews 12:10

The flame shall not hurt thee—I only design Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.

Sometimes God Chastens us and sometimes Satan sifts us.

God’s purpose is to burn up the dross and refine the gold. Satan hopes to winnow out the wheat and leave only the chaff, but God can turn it around the other way. At any rate, our Father takes no pleasure in our sorrows and grief. His only design is to refine us. Alas, there is often so much dross and so little gold, so much chaff and so little wheat, so much wood, hay, and stubble, so little gold, silver, and precious stones! We may not have much left when He is finished with us, but a little gold is better than tons of chaff. It is a good day when we give up trash for treasure.

by Vance Havner