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Jesus Is Asking The Church: What Part of The Word “Repent” Do You Not Understand?

Stan Butler 90x115by Stan Butler

When Jesus said in Luke 13:3;

“I tell you Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all like wise perish”

and then repeated the same statement word for word two verses later in verse #5, do you suppose that He thought perhaps that His audience didn’t hear Him correctly the first time? Or could it have been possible that it was His way of saying, “What part of the word repent do you not understand?”


The Cost Of Becoming A Christian

Dane Gardow 90x115by Dane Gardow

Because of horrible evangelism, religious lies, and itching ears, a majority of people have been led to believe that becoming a Christian is as easy as praying a simple prayer and requires very little cost or no cost at all. However, the Lord Jesus Christ has declared very clearly in the Bible that it will indeed cost you—it will cost you everything.