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Five Mideast Leaders And Syrian Destiny

Gary Stearman 90x115by Gary Stearman

In the current revolution of the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria has become ground zero. Having overthrown the governments of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, the Brotherhood is now taking advantage of the political and religious conflicts that have seriously weakened the Damascus regime of Bashar al Assad.

From the Turkish border on the north to the Sea of Galilee on the south, Syria ranges about four hundred miles along the eastern Mediterranean shores and the Lebanon border. By all accounts, it is now in a death spiral, wracked by atrocities – spasms of reaction by Assad against his own innocent citizens. During May and June, men, women and children were being slain by government forces as a warning not to repeat the revolutions of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Yet the uprisings continue, and amidst their swirling fires, political alliances have lurched through a variety of coalitions and power plays.

Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Says To Wait 5 Years Before Chopping Off Hands

Ryan Mauro 90x115by Ryan Mauro

Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the top Muslim Brotherhood cleric, is again instructing Islamists on how to properly implement the strategy of “gradualism.”

In Egypt, he says, there is a “transitional phase” where there must be patience in implementing Islamic justice. In a statement so honest its almost comedic, he says that hands should not be chopped off as punishment—for about five years (see the video). We need to work up to that, he says. For now, the Islamists need to focus on having wives and families, feeding the starving, teaching Islamist values and building schools, hospitals and homes.

Other officials are pretty honest about this waiting game. Mohammed Gouda, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Economic Policy Committee, says that the Islamist group recognizes that the primary concern of Egyptians right now is the economy. Pushing Sharia-based governance would backfire.