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Christ is mine!

Charles Spurgeonby Charles Spurgeon

“Christ Is All”

Whatever trials you have, my dear brother, Christ is all in all to meet them.

Are you poor? He will make you rich in your poverty by His consoling presence.

Are you sick? He will make your bed in your sickness, and so will make your sick-bed better than the walks of health.

Are you persecuted? If it is for His sake, you may even leap for joy.

Are you oppressed? Remember how He also was oppressed and afflicted; and you will have fellowship with Him in his sufferings.

Amidst all the vicissitudes of this present life, Christ is all that the believer needs to bear him up, and bear him through. No wave can sink the man who clings to this life-buoy; he shall swim to glory on it!

Jesus is all I need! Jesus is . . . the living water to quench my thirst, the heavenly bread to satisfy my hunger, the snow-white robe to cover me, the sure refuge in times of trouble, the happy home of my soul, my food and my medicine, my solace and my song, my light and my delight.

The believer can say, “Christ is mine!” No emperor is half as rich as the beggar that has Christ! He who has Christ, being a pauper, has all things. And he who has not Christ, possessing a thousand worlds, possesses nothing for real happiness and joy!

Oh, the blessedness of the man who can say, “Christ is mine!

by Charles Spurgeon

The Persecuted Few

Vance Havnerby Vance Havner

In the cave of Adullam, David gathered a little band whose sole and compelling purpose was to make David King (1 Chronicles 12:31, 38). He was an exile but he was destined to a throne. Jesus Christ, the Son of David, came unto His own and they received Him not. He was rejected of men and is an exile but He is going to return one day for His coronation. Meantime He gathers today a band who bear His name and are out to make Him King, first in the invisible kingdom of our hearts and then in the visible kingdom when He reigns on earth. The true church today is not this gigantic institutionalism with all its massive setup and glowing statistics. It is a persecuted minority in a pagan world, a modern David’s band in a cave of Adullam, last-minute men, a King’s men, working for that day when we shall bring forth the royal diadem and crown Him Lord of all. Comrades, I salute you!

by Vance Havner