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You Can’t Hear A Scripture Twice

Jonathan Cahn by Jonathan Cahn

How many times have you heard the same scripture repeated over and over? How many times have you heard John 3:16 quoted… a hundred times – a thousand times? But really, you’ve never heard the same scripture twice. Your ears may have listened to the sound of it before, your mind may have pondered the thought of it before, but you can never hear the same scripture twice even if it’s the same verse. God speaks now, and His Word is always new. It doesn’t matter if you’ve heard the same verse every minute of every hour of every day of every year of your life. God will speak a new word to you through that same scripture, and it will change your life if you receive it anew. So don’t think that you’ve heard it all because you haven’t. God’s got a word to speak to you that you’ve never heard before. So open up your Bible and your heart. Receive the new life-changing Word that God has to give you right now. It’ll change your life if you receive it. And you’ve never ever heard it before.

Today’s Mission – Today, open up your Bible and receive the new life-changing Word that God has to give you right now- Receive it as for the first time – and live it!

by Jonathn Cahn

New Year Ahead!

Vance Havnerby Vance Havner

“I am with you always…” Matthew 28:20

The twinge of sadness when Christmas passes is relieved by the prospect of New Year next week. There is the excitement of a new beginning no matter what it may bring. But Christmas in the heart, through the indwelling Christ, brings not only a new year that starts immediately, but a new life that never ends. We don’t wait a week to begin; eternal life does not start at death but now. We have it now as surely as we will ever have it, although the hereafter will bring fresh glories beyond our comprehension.

For the Christian, there is not only a New Year on the calendar but a New Forever in the heart!

by Vance Havner