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Will This Be The Last Year of Your Life?

Greg Laurie 90x115by Greg Laurie

As we arrive at the beginning of a New Year, we often make resolutions. Many of them involve either losing weight or getting in better shape. But I hope those are not the only things we are resolving to do.

I read a list of resolutions made by different people who had to become more realistic with the passing of time. For instance, a person who was thinking about his weight gain resolved in 2001 to get his weight down to below 170. In 2002, he said he would watch his calories until his weight was below 200. And in 2003, he resolved to follow a new diet until he got below 220. In 2004, he said he was going to develop a more realistic attitude about weight loss.


Happy New Year 2011!

by Rocco T

images1I just wanted to wish everybody a happy and healthy new year. If your reading this, than God was gracious enough to give you more time to serve him, more time to surrender everything to him, More time to pick up your cross and follow him. Don’t let one more day go by without giving Jesus everything in your life, none of us are promised tomorrow.

Don’t let the lie of Satan that says you can’t make it bring you down. You can make it, you will make it, because it is not by your strength that you will make it.