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The True Resistance

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

In the beginning of WWII, the French defensive lines collapsed. A war hero from WWI, Marshall Pétain, became Prime Minister, surrendered to the Nazis, and led a collaborationist government. Convinced that Germany had won the war, the government saw its mission as that of adapting France towards submission to Hitler. Thus, they began rounding up Jews to be sent to the concentration camps. The Nazis increasingly drained France of its natural resources and its people. By November of 1942, the Vichy government was nothing but a puppet regime of the Nazis. When the war was over, the collaborators were put to shame. The judgment of their nation and their history fell against them. Pétain, once a national hero, was put in prison where he died.

This is a powerful lesson: there is no compromise or collaborating with the enemy no matter what it looks like or how hopeless it seems. Resist sin, resist temptation, resist evil, and it will flee. Fight the good fight, and you will win in the end. Viva la resistance!

Today’s Mission – Is there any area of your life where you’re collaborating with the enemy? Today choose to resist.

by Jonathan Cahn

What Science Says…

Ray Comfort 90x115by Ray Comfort

One of the great mysteries about the holocaust was the seeming complicity of so many of the German people. Yet, I have watched World War 2 footage of the Allies (as they liberated Concentration camps) forcing those who lived around the death-camps, to go through them. They walked in with smiles on their faces and came out grief-stricken and horrified. I was left wondering how could they not know! They lived around the camps and could see the smoke billowing from the chimneys.

Didn’t they know what was going on in their own backyard? Did they know but were they fearful of the Nazis, and therefore remained silent? Or did they seriously think that the camps were nothing more than some sort of wartime confinement housing for Jews?