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The Results of The Recent Presidential Elections In Egypt Will Affect Israel, The Middle East, And In Fact The Entire World

Jimmy Deyoung 90x115by Jimmy DeYoung

The candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, was named the winner of the presidential election and for the first time in history, an Islamist is now the leader of this the largest Arab country in the world.

Morsi tried to relieve all Egyptians of the fact that his Islamic beliefs will not be imposed on everyone in Egypt which many pundits and consultants doubt will be the case over the long haul even though Morsi may keep his word at least in the short term.

Muslim Brotherhood beliefs call for shariah to be implemented as the law of the land and for all Muslims to destroy Israel when they march to Jerusalem to make it the capital of the caliphate, a worldwide Islamic kingdom.


Serious In Syria

Jim Fletcher 90x115by Jim Fletcher

Word came this weekend that “rebels” in Syria were fighting government forces in Damascus. This is obviously quite significant, since dictators caught in their own capitols often don’t fare well (see Hitler, Adolf).

Many have wondered why Obama and NATO haven’t intervened/interfered in Syria, as they did in Libya (and, indirectly, Egypt). We can only speculate, but a clue lies in the geo-political situation in Libya, ruled with an iron fist by Muammar Gaddafi. The cartoonish Libyan was more like a tribal chieftan, and his loyalists would have held out much longer against the Muslim Brotherhood-inspired “rebels” fighting against Tripoli…had not NATO and Obama been so hell-bent on removing Gaddafi.