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The Ministry Of Darkness

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

When the astronomer Edwin Frost of the Yerkes Observatory was nearing his death, he was asked, “Doctor, are you afraid to die?” Frost, who had lost his eyesight, smiled and shook his head, “I’ve seen too many stars to be afraid of the night.

Most people think of the night as something negative, or something of absence. But to an astronomer, night is the time of revelation, of mysteries, and fullness. It’s the night that reveals the stars. Take this attitude of the astronomer to every part of your life. See the dark times of your life in a new way. They are there to reveal the blessings and faithfulness of God – even the lights of God. For the righteous shine as stars. When? At night. For stars and astronomers, the night is the time of shining, and blessing. Therefore, don’t fear the dark times, the hard times, or the bad times. For it’s in the night when the stars shine most bright. Don’t focus on the dark, but focus on shining. And remember that it’s at night when God’s blessings and faithfulness also shine. And you’ve seen too many stars to be afraid of the night.

Today’s Mission – Today, don’t fear the darkness, but use it for God’s glory. Become the blessing in your circumstance and the light in your darkness.
by Jonathan Cahn

Can you afford it?

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering —Romans 12:7

Beloved, are you ministering to Christ? Arc you doing it with your hands? Are you doing it with your substance and with your gifts? Is He getting the best at your table? And when He does not come to fill the chair, is it free to His representative, His poor and humble children? Your words and wishes are cheap if they do not find expression in your actual gifts. Even Mary did not put Him off with the incense of her heart. Rather, she laid her costliest gift at His feet.

Busy person, you who work so hard to dress your children and furnish your home and table, what have your hands earned for the Master? What have you done or sacrificed for Jesus?

“Can you afford it?” was the question asked of an earnest woman as she promised a costly offering for the Master’s work.

“No,” was her noble reply, “but I can sacrifice it.”

Let us today look around us and see what we are presently doing. Then let us give more to the loving Savior, who gave up His whole life for us.

by A.B. Simpson