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2012 – The Legacy of Quetzalcoatl

Ron Graham 90x115by Ron Graham

“That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing.” 1 Thessalonians 4:12.

What this verse has so eloquently stated is we who walk in the precepts of the Lord should be an example to those on the outside of salvation. We should certainly not be distracted by known deceptions. We should always be prepared to denounce such lies. Satanic lies are established to create an atmosphere of fear while setting up a sense of confusion, all for the purpose of fulfilling Satan’s agenda. We’ve heard the hype leading up to 2012, and that year has now arrived. That hype is a lie built around a calendar…a calendar created by the worshipers of the demon, Quetzalcoatl.

2012–The Dreaded Year Has Arrived

Terry James 90x115by Terry James

Fear of the year 2012 has been simmering for a couple of years at least. World issues and events have caused those fears to boil and bubble to the top of the cauldron, but then the ominous broth would settle to simmer again for awhile, until the next eruption of conjecture about what 2012 means. I wrote more than a year ago about this impending number that has now burst to the top of our calendars.

I wrote the following in an article I gave the title “2012: The End?”:

Ominous sounds of the approaching year 2012 rumble in the ears of this generation. The thunder comes from constant media mantra-meanderings about the end of days as foretold by the Mayan calendar hundreds of years ago. Is this generation looking the end of the world squarely in the face on December 21, 2012?