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Lines And Circles

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

A curved line is moving in more than one direction at once. After a while, it will curve back on itself and make some kind of a circle. Making circles is fine when it comes to geometry, but it’s not fine when it comes to your life. When you waver back and forth between God and the world you’re moving in two directions at once. You’re going through life double-minded. Thus, the journey of your life becomes curved. And that means you’ll end up eventually curving right back to where you were before – in a circle, going nowhere. So do you want your life to end up going nowhere, or would you rather have your life go somewhere – and making a difference? Then you have to stop going in two directions. You have to choose to go in only one. A straight line goes in one direction. Thus a straight line is the only one that goes somewhere in God. So choose the Lord with all your heart, live all out, 100%, single-minded, no compromise, and on fire for God – that’s when you’ll start going places!

Today’s Mission – Today, put away all wavering and double mindedness – and choose the Lord with all your heart. Live single-minded and on fire for God.

by Jonathan Cahn

Betrayal of Israel

Dr. David Reagan 90x115by Dr. David Reagan

Our nation’s betrayal of Israel began in 1990 when the Communist government of Russia decided to open its doors to allow Jews to emigrate to Israel. During the year that followed, 3,000 Russian Jews arrived each day in Israel, forcing the nation to absorb a population equivalent to the United States absorbing the entire population of France in one year’s time! Needless to say, the tiny nation of Israel was overwhelmed.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, applied to the World Bank for a loan of $10 billion to cope with the needs of the refugees. He was told that the loan would be granted only if the United States would guarantee it. When he then turned to the first Bush Administration, he was told that the guarantee would be supplied only if he agreed to start negotiating with the Palestinians. This resulted in the Madrid Conference in October of 1991. In short, we forced Israel to start down the suicidal path of trading land for peace.