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Hear, O Palestine

Jim Fletcher 90x115by Jim Fletcher

Oliver Cromwell lived in relative obscurity for much of his life, eventually emerging as an engine of religious liberty in England. He is one of the famous figures of history, and much has been written about the one-time farmer, born in the 16th century. English through-and-through.

No one has ever called him Cromwell the Swede. Or, Oliver of Mongolia.

No one has ever tried to claim that Alexander the Great was from Bolivia.

It would be absurd to allege that Cleopatra was Canadian.

So why are quite a few people—with a straight face—calling Jesus a Palestinian?

Jew-Hatred Heats Up As Islamic Winter Grows Colder

Israel Today 90x115by Israel Today

In our current issue Israel Today discusses the causes and ramifications of the Arab Spring-turned-Islamic Winter. One of the obvious outcomes is that the kind of seething hatred for Israel that is official policy in Iran will spread to the rest of the region. It is already happening in Egypt.

Israel and Egypt have always had a cold relationship, despite the fact that the two nations have officially been at peace since 1979. Israel and the Jews in general were regularly demonized in the Egyptian media during these years of “peace.”

But now, with Islamists threatening to take over the country, Egypt is returning to the pre-Camp David years during which it led the rest of the Muslim world in its quest to eradicate the Jewish presence from the Middle East.