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By Faith or By Works?

by Rocco T

Faith-WorksAre we saved by Faith Alone without any works or are works necessary to be in line with what the Bible teaches.

Before we start this topic I would like to clarify a few things. Nobody is saved without God’s Grace, We don’t act good enough to be saved, we can’t even claim that it was our choice that brought us to God. Without the Holy Spirit drawing us to himself, we could have never broken the bondage of sin and saved ourselves. So all the Glory for everything goes to God.

Understanding James

A Question to Jack Kelley


Q. My question concerns the letter to the church by James, especially James 2:14-2:26.  This sounds to me like a works based salvation and not only faith based. It seems to me the letters to the Jewish Christians puts forward a work based salvation and the letters by Paul a faith based salvation. Is not the letters written to the Jewish Christians written to those that will be in the great tribulation? If you look at the salutation it does not mention the church but the tribes of Israel.

A. Your confusion demonstrates the danger of trying to combine grace and works into a formula for salvation.  One would never be sure of doing enough and instead of having an assurance of salvation would live in constant fear of falling short, and not knowing until it’s too late.