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The Last Pang, And Groan, And Tear!

J.A. James 90x115by J.A. James

John Angell James, "Afflictions"

The Christian also looks to the end of afflictions! The end may sometimes come in this world. In reference to this, the utmost that the believer can be sure of, is that they will end in God’s time.

They may last for his whole life. The sickness which afflicts his body may be unto death! The loss which he has sustained in his property may be irreparable—and poverty may go down with him to the grave! The trial which beclouds and distresses his spirits—may be his lot for life! But on the other hand, they may not! God may be bringing him "through fire and through water to bring him out into a wealthy place." But the Christian leaves this in the hand of God, and endeavors to maintain a hope which shall save him from despondency—checked at the same time by a reverence that guards him from unwarranted presumption.


J.A. James 90x115by J.A. James

"The True Christian" 1846

"You ought to live holy and godly lives." 2 Peter 3:11

Holiness is a very comprehensive word, and expresses a state of mind and conduct that includes many things. Holiness is the work of the Spirit in our sanctification. Holiness is the fruit of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Holiness is the operation of the new nature, which we receive in regeneration.

Holiness may be viewed in various aspects, according to the different objects to which it relates.

Toward God, holiness is . . . supreme love; delight in His moral character; submission to His will; obedience to His commands; zeal for His cause; seeking of His glory.