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Abide in Him

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not —1 John 3:6

What becomes of our old nature when we are sanctified? Many people are unduly concerned to know if it can be killed outright and seem to desire a sort of certificate of its death and burial. It is enough to know that it is outside and Christ is in us. It may show itself again, and even knock at the door and plead for admittance, but it is forever outside while we abide in Him. Should we step out of Him and into sin we might find the old corpse in the ghastly cemetery, and its foul aroma might yet embrace and overcome us once more. But he that abideth in him sinneth not and cannot sin while he so abides.

Let us therefore abide and let us not be anxious to escape the hold of eternal vigilance and ceaseless abiding. Our paths are made and we are given strength to pursue them; let us then walk in them. God has provided for us a full sanctification. Since He has given us His own holiness, is it strange that he should require us to be holy, even as He is holy? Let us then put on our beautiful garments and prepare to walk in white with Him.

by A.B. Simpson

Holy As A Verb

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

We think of holiness as a noun. Holiness is a state of being holy. It’s true. But in Hebrew, there’s much more to it. In Hebrew, the word Holy is ‘Kodesh.’ It’s a noun or adjective. But it comes in another form – in the word ‘Kadash.’ Kadash is Holy as a verb. Aaron wasn’t holy by nature, but he was ‘kadashed,’ made holy, transformed into what is holy. So, too, the holy vessels and instruments of the Tabernacle. The holy things weren’t holy by nature, but holy by the fact that they had been ‘kadashed,’ ‘holyfied,’ made holy.

Do you want to be holy? It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, or what you’ve done in the past. Commit your life and everything you have to the Lord’s purposes and away from those purposes which are not of God, away from that sin, away from that indulgence. When you do that, you’re performing the act of ‘kadash.’ And you will become God’s holy vessel. For in Messiah, holiness is not just a noun, but a verb – Get kadashed and act accordingly!

Today’s Mission – Today, commit your life and everything you have to the Lord’s purposes and away from those purposes which are not of Him.

by Jonathan Cahn