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The Explanation For Our Difficulties

Oswald Chambersby Oswald Chambers

…that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us… —John 17:21

If you are going through a time of isolation, seemingly all alone, read John 17 . It will explain exactly why you are where you are— because Jesus has prayed that you “may be one” with the Father as He is. Are you helping God to answer that prayer, or do you have some other goal for your life? Since you became a disciple, you cannot be as independent as you used to be.

God reveals in John 17 that His purpose is not just to answer our prayers, but that through prayer we might come to discern His mind. Yet there is one prayer which God must answer, and that is the prayer of Jesus— “…that they may be one just as We are one…” (John 17:22). Are we as close to Jesus Christ as that?

God is not concerned about our plans; He doesn’t ask, “Do you want to go through this loss of a loved one, this difficulty, or this defeat?” No, He allows these things for His own purpose. The things we are going through are either making us sweeter, better, and nobler men and women, or they are making us more critical and fault-finding, and more insistent on our own way. The things that happen either make us evil, or they make us more saintly, depending entirely on our relationship with God and its level of intimacy. If we will pray, regarding our own lives, “Your will be done” (Matthew 26:42), then we will be encouraged and comforted by John 17, knowing that our Father is working according to His own wisdom, accomplishing what is best. When we understand God’s purpose, we will not become small-minded and cynical. Jesus prayed nothing less for us than absolute oneness with Himself, just as He was one with the Father. Some of us are far from this oneness; yet God will not leave us alone until we are one with Him— because Jesus prayed, “…that they all may be one….

by Oswald Chambers

You Will Have Traveled Hundreds Of Miles After Reading This

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

It may seem like nothing’s really happening where you are at this point in time. But that’s not really the case. Every second the earth is moving 18.5 miles in its journey. Every tick of the clock, you’re 18.5 miles away from where you were before the last tick. When you count to 10, you’re about 200 miles away from the place you were when you started counting.

It’s not just true for the earth; it’s true for all earthlings, including you and me. Every life is changing. Every soul is moving either towards God or away from God. Your life is heading somewhere. It’s meant to head for glory. That’s why the Lord says; “I know the plans I have for you, plans for Shalom, not for calamity.” God wants to bring your life to a good place. Since you’re going places anyway, make sure you’re always moving towards God and not away from Him. Don’t stay where you are, because you can’t. Move ahead in love, ahead in faith, ahead in righteous action, and ahead in all things godly, because in God, you’re going places.

Today’s Mission – Today, especially follow the leading of the Lord and move ahead in righteous action.

by Jonathan Cahn