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The Way To Please God–Part 2

James Smith 90x115by James Smith

8. If we would please God—we must watch and strive against inward sin. If sin has power in the heart—it will rule in the life. And if sin is not watched over, confessed before God, and daily pardoned by God—it will rule in our mortal bodies. God hates nothing—but sin. Nothing offends God—but sin. And no sin offends him—like the sin of his own children. If we indulge in any sin, we cannot please God, nor shall we be allowed to enjoy communion with God. But sin is always indulged—if it is not sought out, dragged to the cross, and exposed before God’s throne. In vain do we talk of pleasing God—if we do not watch against our besetting sins, and strive to overcome them in strength derived from God. O for more tenderness of conscience, for more hatred to hidden sin, and for more jealous watchfulness over the evils that lurk in our hearts!