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Trust Him for the goodness

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him —Psalm 25:14

There are secrets of providence which God’s dear children may learn. His dealing with them often seems, to the outward eye, dark and terrible. Faith looks deeper and says, “This is God’s secret. You look only on the outside; I can look deeper and see the hidden meaning.” Sometimes diamonds are hidden in rough packages so their value cannot be seen.

When the tabernacle was built in the wilderness there was nothing rich in its outside appearance. The costly things were all within, and its outward covering of rough badger skin gave no hint of the valuable things which it contained. God may send you some costly packages. Do not worry if they are concealed in rough wrappings. You may be sure there are treasures of love and kindness and wisdom hidden within.

Do not be so foolish as to throw away a silver spoon because it is tarnished. If we take what He sends, and trust Him for the goodness in it, even in the dark, we shall learn the meaning of the secrets of His providence.

by A.B. Simpson


God Doesn’t Work At McDonald’s

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Today, the drive-thru has become a modern cultural phenomenon used by banks, restaurants, coffee shops, convenient stores, car washes, and even zoos. We’re able to get what we want, when we want it without taking much time or having a real interaction with real people. Even in Christianity, there are many teachings that treat God as if He was a drive-thru, a machine that exists to serve you. Just say the right words or formula and you’ll get what you ask for. This is not the way to approach God, trying to get what you want from Him instead of having a relationship with Him. It’s about seeing His face. Have you gotten more into your desires, requests, and petitions to God, then God Himself; coming to Him more to get your order filled than to relate to Him, driving past his presence instead of coming in? It’s time to get out of your spiritual car, forget your demands and come into His presence. Because the Lord is a lot more than a burger and your relationship with Him is not a drive-thru.

Today’s Mission – Today, don’t seek God for what He can do for you – but seek God for God, seek His face.

by Jonathan Cahn