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History’s Most Important Q & A

Terry James 90x115by Terry James

Many ministries and other forums send me their newsletters/information during the course of any given day. Yesterday I received such an information piece. Its contents hammered home that a profound disconnect exists in the minds of mankind brought on by the original sin in the Garden of Eden. Sin disrupted understanding between God and man to such an extent that it took God coming to dwell among humanity as a flesh-and-blood Person to restore the relationship that was torn when Adam disobeyed and brought sin and death into the world.

The item in my inbox illustrated the problem of denial of heaven’s plan for restitution of the God-man relationship. The words of an emailer to the information forum demonstrate the disconnect wrought by the disruption in Eden.

Glenn Beck Wants Everybody To Call Him A “Jew”

Jimmy Deyoung 90x115by Jimmy DeYoung

Speaking at a large gathering of Christians, meeting to show their support for the state of Israel and the Israeli government, the radio and television personality Glenn Beck told the audience that

"when we see Jews being persecuted we must see Jews as us – let us declare that we’re Jews, the Jewish enemies cannot kill all of us."

Beck told the gathering that there is one message;

"Israel today, Israel tomorrow, and Israel forever."

This annual gathering of what is called Christian Zionist also heard the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu say that the enemies of the Jewish state are the enemies of Christians as well.