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The Empire That Had To Fall

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

The land of Israel had been under the rule of the Islamic Ottoman Empire for four centuries. But being Muslim, the empire was hardly sympathetic with the idea of the Jewish people returning to the land of Israel. And yet the Bible said it would happen. So what happened? The First World War happened. And because of a series of geopolitical factors, the Ottoman Turkish Empire became involved in the conflict and sided with Germany against the British Empire. And because of that war, the great and many-centuries old Ottoman Empire suddenly collapsed. The British entered Jerusalem and granted the Jewish people the right to return to their homeland. The words of the ancient Hebrew prophecies were fulfilled. Think about that. God allowed the whirlwind of history to cause the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, in order to be faithful to His people and to fulfill His promise.

That same God will work all things together, even the entire world, and every event of human history, for your good and to fulfill the promise of your life.

Today’s Mission – Today, take time to look back at your life to see all the things God did and worked together so that you could be where you are today. Take time to thank Him for it.

by Jonathan Cahn

Follow In The Footsteps of Messiah!

George Whitten2 90x115by George Whitten

Matthew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

Continuing this study of Mashiach Ben Yosef (Messiah "Son of Joseph"), I want to focus on another aspect of the rabbis’ understanding; that Mashiach ben Yosef will come first, and prepare the world for the Kingdom of the Lord. According to their teaching he will do this by fighting God’s wars against "Edom", which is collectively understood as the enemies of Israel in the time preceding the restoration of the Messianic Kingdom by Mashiach "Ben David". This preparation is known as Ikvot Mashiach — the Footsteps of Messiah. Their expectation was that the entire world would be thus readied for the arrival of Mashiach Ben David, the glorious King.

Messianic and Christian believers understand that Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus) fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies of Mashiach Ben Yosef in His first coming, and we anxiously await His return to fulfill the role of Mashiach Ben David. During this long interval, we who know Mashiach "Ben Yosef", the Suffering Servant, Yeshua, (Jesus) also "walk in His footsteps", preparing the world for His return.