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God’s Plan

A.B. Simpson 90 x115by A.B. Simpson

It is God which worketh in you—Philippians 2:13

God does not have two ways for any of us, but one. Not two things for us to do which we may choose between, but one best and highest choice. It is a blessed thing to find and fill the perfect will of God. It is a blessed thing to have our life laid out and our Christian work adjusted to God’s plan.

Much strength is lost by working at a venture. Much spiritual force can be expended in wasted effort and in scattered, indefinite and inconstant attempts at doing good. There is spiritual force and financial strength enough in the hands and hearts of the consecrated Christians of today, if it were only wisely directed and used according to God’s plan, to bring about the evangelization of the world in a generation.

Christ has laid down a definite plan of work for His Church, and He expects us to understand it and to work up to it. As we catch His thought and obediently, loyally fulfill it, we shall work with purpose. In so doing we please Him far better than by our thoughtless, reckless and indiscriminate attempts to carry out our ideas and compel God to bless our work.

by A.B. Simpson