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The Keys To Surviving The Beginning of Sorrows

Many people have written and asked how they are to survive if the times continue to worsen. Many look at the nation’s debt and wonder how the American economy can sustain any type of recovery. Many see the arrogance and lack of response of those they elected to govern and wonder if there is any hope for the future. Many see what is in front of them and are matching it with what they know of Bible prophecy. They understand the signs of the times. Yet they are curious about their very own survival in these days which seem to have one bad thing after another occur. Those who once had control of their lives–good jobs, a retirement, a home, security for the future–but no longer do, are questioning what next.

Quote of The Day

From John Wesley’s Diary on January 29, 1733:

“If it is said that I have faith, I answer, ……so do devils, a kind of faith; but the faith I want, is a sure trust and confidence in GOD, that, through the merits of Christ, my sins are forgiven…I want that faith that nobody can have without knowing he has it (although many imagine they have it and do not). Whoever has it is “freed from sin”, he is free from doubt “having the love of God shed abroad in his heart through the holy spirit which is given to him” which “Spirits bear witness with (that converts) spirit that he is a child of God.”