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Faith Alone?

by Rocco T

Faith SignI know the title and even things I am about to say will shock, upset and get certain individuals angry. So let’s tackle an issue that has been on my mind for awhile. There are some out there that believe and teach that all you have to do in order to be saved is to believe Jesus died for your sins and after you believe that, you can never lose your salvation. In other words, that person who just believed in Jesus can now go out and live his life in however sinful way he can imagine and he is still saved.


Faith Proven

Mustard Flowers by RitaK copyby Rocco T

If you have faith as a mustard seed . . . nothing will be impossible for you —Matthew 17:20

Oswald Chambers was such a Godly man and had such discernment and so much desire to please God alone, said

“Faith by its very nature must be tested and tried”

How is your faith today?. There are many days in life and may be many areas in your life where you have abundant faith in the Lord. What about the rest of your life? Do you have abundant faith in every area of your life? We need to, because we are called by God to live a holy life. In order to live a Holy life, we need to utilize our faith in God in every area and not just some. Everyone is at different stages in our Christian life and some of us have more faith in certain areas and less faith in other areas. This is not to excuse the fact that I don’t have as much faith in God as I should in certain areas. It is just an observation of where I need to improve.