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Are you trusting God for everything?

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

Your heavenly Father knoweth ye have need —Matthew 6:32

Christ makes no less of our trust for temporal things than He does for spiritual things. He places much emphasis upon it. Why? Simply because it is harder to trust God for material needs. In spiritual matters we can fool ourselves and think that we are trusting when we are not; but we cannot do so about rent and food and the needs of our bodies. They must come or our faith fails. It is easy to say that we trust Him in things that are a long way off, but there can be no question about it where faith must bring practical answers.

When the sun is shining, it is easy to have faith for our needs and to trust God. But let something arise which irritates and rasps and frets us, and we soon find whether we have real trust or not. Consequently, the things of everyday life are tests of our real faith in God, and He often puts us where we have to trust for tangible matters-for money and rent, food and clothes. If in these things you are not trusting God wholly, you will break down when you are placed in such tests. Are you trusting God for everything?

by A.B. Simpson


The Builder Of Flowers

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Hebrews says that God is the builder of everything. In other words, when you see leaves, butterflies or flowers, they have a builder. The most complex HDTV cannot compare to the complexity of the human eye. The most complex stereo system cannot compare to the complexity of the human ear. All the electrical systems known to man cannot compare to the complexity of one human cell. And the most complex computer ever devised by human intelligence cannot compare to the complexity of the human brain. So why would anybody believe that these things came about by accident? Would you believe a TV came about with no builder? Would an atheist believe it? Of course not. So which is more ridiculous? The fact is God is The Builder of everything.

So be strong in that and rejoice in the fact that He also built you. He gave His life for you, and He’s now building your life into something good and precious. So let Him build you. And be built up, because God is The Builder of everything. How much more so your life?

Today’s Mission – Today, take time to appreciate all the wonderful things of God’s creation.

by Jonathan Cahn