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America’s Legacy: Will We Heed “The Harbinger?”

Eric Barger 90x115by Eric Barger

America’s Legacy

I have preached literally several hundred times in recent years that, because Jehovah God is a very practical God who supernaturally moves and works throughout His creation, He has allowed America to play a pivotal part in furthering the Kingdom of God. Speaking and writing succinctly about such, a number of the Founding Fathers saw this very thing as a destiny for our country. Because of God’s rich blessings to us, we have for decades been the catalyst of world evangelism. The generosity and faithfulness of God’s people, who have benefited from the immense blessings afforded them in our land, have exponentially fueled the spread of biblical Christianity. It can be said without exaggeration that American Christians have been the turbine God has used to power the dissemination of the Gospel worldwide. With the exception of Israel, has any single nation played such a pivotal role in the eternity of so many people as has America?

The Deception of Chrislam

Eric Barger 90x115by Eric Barger

Chrislam, which purports to join Islam and Christianity into one harmonious, synthesized religion, is fast becoming a rallying point in some American church circles. Under the leadership of something called "Faith Shared," two organizations, Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First, spearheaded an event loosely called "Chrislam Sunday" on June 26, 2011. It was celebrated by dozens of churches nationwide as joint Christian-Muslim services were held in various Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist, Catholic, Lutheran, Congregational, Baptist and other denominations and groups.