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The War on Bible Prophecy, Part 486

Jim Fletcher 90x115by Jim Fletcher

That’s tongue-in-cheek, of course—barely. I’ve written before about what I am calling the “War on Bible Prophecy,” and the truth is, I could write about it endlessly, because it is so pervasive in American evangelical circles today.

Never thought you’d read a statement like that, did you?

I didn’t, either.

This is not a mystery. The future scenario outlined by God in Genesis 3—the enmity between the woman and her Seed, and the serpent and his seed—is clearly played-out today, as the world loathes both Israel and the Messiah.

Evangelicals Who Have A Problem With Israel

Jim Fletcher 90x115by Jim Fletcher

In his 2004 look at our nation’s 39th president, The Real Jimmy Carter, Steven Hayward really got down to brass tacks. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is puzzled by the Man from Plains.

Specifically with regard to Israel, Carter was and is a menace. Although there are two sides to the argument, Carter’s arm-twisting-breaking-tearing off finally compelled the Israelis to give up the Sinai, to sworn enemy Egypt. The Israelis forfeited gas and oil fields, and other infrastructure built up since the Six Day War, and Egypt benefitted from all this beginning in 1981.

The severe downside to the deal, however, is that it set a precedent for Israeli withdrawals. Surely Menachem Begin regretted this to the end of his life. Ever since, the Israelis have been conceding territory, and it is patently obvious that the world body demands more and more, while hating the Jewish state more and more! A most curious condition.