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Spirit Surfers

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

There are two ways of looking at a giant wave. If you’re in front of it and stationary, then the giant wave is dangerous. But to a surfer, a giant wave isn’t a problem but an opportunity, even a blessing. The big wave gives the surfer momentum. If the surfer stays in the center of that wave, then he becomes unstoppable and all the energy contained in that wave is given to him – so, too, with the will of God. To sin, to go against the will of God is a dangerous thing – because, in the end, nothing can stand against it. But it’s much wiser to never go against the will of God, but like the surfer, get on top of it, and in the center of it. For the one who stands and moves in the center of God’s will, will not only not be destroyed and not fall, but will be given energy, speed, power, and momentum – just as the first disciples were given on the day of Pentecost. So depart from any sin, and get out your spiritual surfboard, and catch that wave!

Today’s Mission – Today, get into the center of God’s will and allow His Spirit to give you power and momentum to share the Good News.

by Jonathan Cahn