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You Have To Be Better Than Demons

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

In the Scriptures, Messiah commanded unclean spirits. They heard His command once and immediately obeyed. The demons were more responsive to the Lord than a lot of believers are today. Many believers struggle with obeying the Lord. We argue with Him. We delay obeying Him. We ignore Him. We put off doing what we know is His will, or we justify not obeying Him. But the demons obeyed Him instantly, without a long struggle. If demons, the enemies of God, obey Him without delay, without ignoring, without putting off, without rationalizing, how much more must we?

If God is calling you to something, telling you to do something, or His Spirit is prompting you to something, but you’re not doing it, you’re only hurting and hindering your own life. The demons don’t get any blessing in obeying Him, but you do. Just do what He says. Go where He leads. Trust and obey. For there’s no other way to be happy in Yeshua, Jesus, than to trust and obey. Beyond that, we have to have a better witness in our obedience to the Lord than demons.

Today’s Mission

Today, if God is prompting you to do something, listen to His direction and just do it, go where He leads you.

by Jonathan Cahn

Doing Business With Christ: Demons

Vance Havnerby Vance Havner

What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? Matthew 8:29

The devil and the world of demons must face Christ. The devil tried to do business with Him, but the Lord dismissed him: “Get thee hence, Satan.” The devil is not in the first two chapters of the Bible or in the last two. Thank God for a Book that disposes of the devil!

There is no concord between Christ and Belial. The demons cried, “Art thou come to torment us before the time?” They are doomed to the lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels. They are overactive today because their time is short. The only power that can control them is Christ. Much that goes by other names today is really the work of the powers of darkness. And note that they know Jesus is the Son of God, a fact which many poor humans will not accept.

Our Lord has no traffic with the world of demons. There is no ground where they can get together. Let us beware of doing business with the devil. And if you don’t want to trade with him, stay out of his shops!

by Vance Havner