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Are There Many Roads to God? Part 7

Dr. David Reagan 90x115 by Dr. David Reagan

Are there many roads to God? What is the bottom line?

From a biblical, Christian perspective, there is no way to escape the conclusion that Jesus is the only way to God, either through direct faith in Him, or by having the blood of Jesus applied to a person who has responded to God in faith through the testimony of instinct and nature.

To argue that there are other roads to God, as some apostate Christian leaders are doing today, is to deny that the sacrifice of Jesus was necessary for the forgiveness of sins. If there really are other roads to God, then Jesus came to earth to die a horrible death for no purpose. His sacrifice was all in vain. Either we are saved by the blood of Jesus, or we are not.


The Business of Causing People Distress

by Todd Strandberg

Great Britain was once the center of Christian liberty, where free men could speak their minds and where they worshiped God in courage and truth. In the late 1880s, London was the most church-going city on the planet.

Today, Christians in Britain are required to keep their opinions to themselves. Only about 2 percent of the population can be measured as true believers. Many churches in London have either closed or have been turned into museums–relying on tourists for their funding.

I can see how bad things are there from the hits that come to Rapture Ready. Even though Europe is the birthplace of many Christian faiths, 98 percent of the site’s traffic comes from North America. The top-ranked foreign country is Australia, and they only have 22 million people.