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Christian Love

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

All things are lawful for me —1 Corinthians 10:23

I may be perfectly free myself to do many things, the doing of which might hurt my brother and wound his conscience. Love will gladly surrender the little indulgence so that my brother may be saved from temptation. There are many questions which are easily settled by this principle.

So, too, there are many forms of recreation which in themselves might be harmless and, under certain circumstances, unobjectionable, but they have become associated with worldliness and godlessness and have proved snares and temptations to many a younger Christian. In that case, the law of love would lead me to avoid them, discountenance them and in now way give encouragement to others to participate in them.

It is just in these things that are not required of us by absolute rules, but are the impulses of a thoughtful love, that the highest qualities of Christian character show themselves. It is in these that the most delicate shades of Christian love are manifested.

by A.B. Simpson

The Lesson Is A Long One

J.R. Miller 90x115by J.R. Miller

"The Lesson of Love" 1903

"God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them." 1 John 4:16

To learn how to love–is to learn how to live. The lesson is a long one–but it is the great business of life to master it. The Master not only taught the lesson in words–but also set it down for us in a life–His own life. To follow Christ is to practice this great lesson, learning more of it day by day–until school is out and we go home!

Christian love has to be learned. There is natural affection which does not need to be learned–the love of parents for children, of children for parents, of friend for friend. But it is not natural to love our enemies, to love unlovable people, to be unselfish, to return kindness for unkindness. We have to learn this love–and it is the great business of life to do it.

"Dear friends, since God so loved us–we also ought to love one another." 1 John 4:11

by J.R. Miller