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He Must Set Our Barley Field on Fire!

God's Word 90x115by Charles Ebert Orr

"Incense from Golden Vials"

God designs every earthly loss–to prove a heavenly gain to you.

Trials are good, in that they drive us to the Lord in earnest prayer. It is trials, which cause us to cling to the promises. Trials serve a very important part in keeping the Christian heavenly and holy. Ofttimes, God would have us to see more of His love, tenderness, and beauty, and come nearer to Him. Sometimes, the only way whereby He can get us to do these things–is to let some trial come upon us!

When Absalom was conspiring to dethrone his father David, the ambitious son asked Joab, captain of the king’s army, to come and confer. At first Joab refused–but Absalom devised a plan whereby he could get the old warrior to meet him. Joab’s barley field being near Absalom’s, the conspirator sent his servants to set fire to Joab’s barley–and thus drew Joab out to him.


You Are Trespassing On Forbidden Ground!

God's Word 90x115by Charles Ebert Orr

"Divine Realities"

"Whatever is not of faith–is sin!" Romans 14:23

This is one of Paul’s hard sayings. While these words were spoken with reference to the eating of foodsthey contains a principle which covers the whole of the Christian life. This is an excellent direction for holy living. It means that if you engage in anything which cannot be done with implicit faith and confidence in God–it is sin!

In the building and furnishing of your home; in the buying of any merchandise; in the clothing and feeding of your body; in your conversations, recreations, amusements, entertainments, and social gatherings–if there is not innocent, child-like, heart-felt faith in Christ–then you are trespassing on forbidden ground!

All must be surrendered to God. There is to be no wishing for this or that. There are to be no choosings of what we shall do, or what we shall have–nor any self-seeking, self-love, or self-desire.

"Whatever is not of faith–is sin!"

by Charles Ebert Orr