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The Undetected Sacredness of Circumstances

Oswald Chambersby Oswald Chambers

We know that all things work together for good to those who love God… —Romans 8:28

The circumstances of a saint’s life are ordained of God. In the life of a saint there is no such thing as chance. God by His providence brings you into circumstances that you can’t understand at all, but the Spirit of God understands. God brings you to places, among people, and into certain conditions to accomplish a definite purpose through the intercession of the Spirit in you. Never put yourself in front of your circumstances and say, “I’m going to be my own providence here; I will watch this closely, or protect myself from that.” All your circumstances are in the hand of God, and therefore you don’t ever have to think they are unnatural or unique. Your part in intercessory prayer is not to agonize over how to intercede, but to use the everyday circumstances and people God puts around you by His providence to bring them before His throne, and to allow the Spirit in you the opportunity to intercede for them. In this way God is going to touch the whole world with His saints.

Am I making the Holy Spirit’s work difficult by being vague and unsure, or by trying to do His work for Him? I must do the human side of intercession— utilizing the circumstances in which I find myself and the people who surround me. I must keep my conscious life as a sacred place for the Holy Spirit. Then as I lift different ones to God through prayer, the Holy Spirit intercedes for them.

Your intercessions can never be mine, and my intercessions can never be yours, “…but the Spirit Himself makes intercession” in each of our lives (Romans 8:26). And without that intercession, the lives of others would be left in poverty and in ruin.

by Oswald Chambers

God’s Perfect Wisdom

Grace Gems Whiteby James Buchanan

“The Lord reigns!” Psalm 97:1

The Bible lays a solid ground for our comfort, when it assures us that all things are under the government of God. He superintends the affairs of this world, both as the provident parent and as the moral governor of His creatures.

The Bible declares that God created them, and that whatever beings He deigned to create–He does not disdain to care for. It assures us that no being is so great as to be exempt from His control–and none are so little as to be beneath His regard. And, in like manner, that His eye is directed to every event which may befall any one of His creatures–with no event being either so momentous, or so insignificant–as to be beyond His management, or unworthy of His notice. The sparrow which falls to the earth–is not less an object of His regard than the seraph that stands before His throne!

That all His creatures in this world, and all the events of human life, of whatever kind they may be–are under God’s regulation and control–is, of itself, fitted to banish that feeling of uncertainty and hopelessness which the aspect of events might otherwise awaken.

And how important to know . . . that nothing happens by chance, that everything is ordained and appointed according to certain divine principles which are fixed and stable, and that these principles will continue to be developed, until the grand end of God’s government shall have been attained!

by James Buchanan