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He will not spoil His child by sparing His rod!

Grace Gems Whiteby Grace Gems

Letters of John Berridge, 1716-1793

Dear Madam,
When our expectation is too much raised on account of any creature, the Lord Jesus in wisdom disappoints it–that we may seek our whole happiness in Him. He expects that our whole dependence should be placed on Him. He will have it, and is worthy of it. The human heart would gladly be roosting a little on some earthly thing, but Jesus will unroost it, and bring it fluttering to Himself like the dove to Noah’s ark, where alone it can find rest.

If the heart happens to seek delight elsewhere, it is kindness in the Lord to deny us our desires.

During our earthly warfare, troubles will come by sixes and sevens–a gracious company, but not one too many. If we could live well without afflictions–we would not have them; but we cannot, and therefore Jesus in love sends them.

You are an afflicted family to be sure–but mercy, much mercy attends you. If you see no family so afflicted as yours, can you find any family so blessed? All of one heart and one mind seeking after Jesus. Surely the Lord delights in you, and bestows His best blessings on you, a healthy soul–while the world is satisfied with a healthy body.

Yet the best need correction, and will have it. Whom the Lord loves, He rebukes and chastens. Some foolishness is bound up in the hearts of all of His children, and He will not spoil His child by sparing His rod!

by Grace Gems

Only seek God’s will

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

Take no thought for your life —Matthew 6:25

The Lord is still using the things that are despised. The very names of Nazarene and Christian were once epithets of contempt. No man can have God’s highest thought and be popular with his immediate generation. The most abused men are often the most used.

There are far greater calamities than to be unpopular and misunderstood. There are far worse things than to be found in the minority. Many of God’s greatest blessings are lying behind the devil’s scarecrows of prejudice and misrepresentation. The Holy Spirit is not ashamed to use unpopular people. And if He uses them, what need they care for men?

Oh, let us but have God’s recognition and man’s notice will count for little, and God will give us all we need of human help and praise. Let us only seek God’s will, His glory, His approval. Let us go for Him on the hardest errands and do for Him the most menial tasks. It will be honor enough that He sends us and uses us. Let us not fear in this day to follow Him outside the camp, bearing His reproach. By-and-by he will own our worthless name before the myriads of earth and heaven.

by A.B. Simpson