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The Hidden Story Of The Bounty

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

The famous story “Mutiny on the Bounty” is true. In the course of the mutiny, nine mutineers along with six native island men and twelve native women of Tahiti went ashore in Pitcairn Island in 1790. They soon started distilling alcohol, and the new colony descended into depravity and debauchery. But the story has a little-known surprise ending. Within ten years, only one of the original mutineers survived, now surrounded by native women and children. One day, while going through a chest from the mother ship, the “Bounty,” the sailor found a Bible. He began reading it and teaching it to the others. It transformed his life and ultimately the lives of all the islanders. In 1808, the USS Topas landed on Pitcairn Island. They found a thriving colony that had no alcohol, no jail, and no crime. That’s the power of the Gospel; to change a tragic story into a story of blessing. So, too, for the story of your life and for every situation in your life: Apply His word, and your “Mutiny on the Bounty” will also become a blessed story!

Today’s Mission – Today, apply the story of the Gospel to every part of your life, especially those untouched parts, and let God have His way.

by Jonathan Cahn

You Are Not What You Don’t Eat

by Jonathan Cahn

You’ve heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” Of course, it’s true. Whatever you eat, that’s what you are. That’s true in the physical realm and also in the spiritual. If you partake of spiritually bad food, if you receive into your heart what is impure, carnal and ungodly, your life will become the same. You might say, “I stay far away from those things.” That’s good, but it’s not enough because the inverse is also true— you are not what you don’t eat.

All believers are called to be as Messiah, in every part of their lives. So here’s the question— are you like Messiah in every part of your life? If not, the problem can be solved with a change of diet. You are what you eat— so the more you partake of Messiah, the more you’ll become like Him. Just as you can’t partake of a food without becoming like it, it can’t fail. Commit yourself to partaking more of His word, His presence, His love, and His beauty, and your life will become more and more Messiah-like. It’s a basic law— you are what you eat.

Today’s Mission – Today, spend time in His presence and partake of the bread of Messiah.

by Jonathan Cahn