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The Interruption Of Heaven

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Few people like commotion, trouble, or change. We seek peace, situations of no commotion. But if you really want a place where there’s no commotion, go to a cemetery. That which is dead does not cause any commotion. But light coming into darkness causes commotion. So the life of God coming into a dead world is going to cause commotion. When Messiah came into the world, He created a stir. When He came into Jerusalem, He caused a commotion. God’s presence causes commotion. If He’s come into your life, then there’s got to be commotion. Don’t seek to walk a commotion-free walk, or to live a commotion-free life. It will end up dead! Rather, what you need is something to get stirred up and get turned over a little bit. Let God interrupt your routine, let Him shake you out of it. Fix your eyes on God. Forget the rut, and forget the routine. Let the presence of God come fresh in your life. Let it cause a commotion! Stir it up! Because God wants to bring the cemetery in your life… to life!

Today’s Mission – Today, seek to be especially open to be interrupted by God’s voice, God’s leading, and God’s purposes. Let your day be stirred up by His presence.

by Jonathan Cahn

Death is but a moment

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

He purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit —John 15:2

Recently I passed a garden. The gardener had finished his pruning and the wounds of the knife and saw were just beginning to heal. The warm April sun was gently nourishing the stricken plant into fresh life and energy.

As I looked at that plant I thought how cruel it would be were the owner to begin next week to cut it down. The gardener’s business now is to revive and nourish it into life. Its business is not to die, but to live.

So it is with the discipline of the soul. It, too, has its dying hour, but it must not always be dying. Rather we are to reckon ourselves to be dead unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Death is but a moment. We should live, then, as children of the resurrection, depending more and more on His glorious life. The fullness of our lives will then repel the intrusion of self and sin and overcome evil with good. Our existence will not then be the dreary repression of our own struggling but the springing tide of Christ’s spontaneous overcoming and everlasting life.

by A.B. Simpson