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Turkey Turning Against Israel

Joel Rosenberg 90x115 by Joel Rosenberg

President Obama and the rest of the United States government should immediately and unequivocally condemn all of the activists who used live weapons, stun grenades, metal poles and other weapons to viciously attack Israel naval forces without provocation.

The Israelis boarded the vessel off the coast of Gaza to make sure the vessel wasn’t smuggling rockets and other war materials to the Hamas organization which is at war with Israel. They had every legal right to do so and were following international law. Yet five Israel commandos were wounded in the attacks against them. They returned fire to protect their own lives. The left-wing activists — some of them with ties to Radical Islamic terror organizations, including Hamas — engaged in premeditated acts of violence against Israel. What’s more, they began attacking the Israelis before the Israelis were even able to board the ships, as new videos show.