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The Geopolitical Events of 2011 Seem To Indicate Prewritten History Found In The Bible Could Well Be Fulfilled In 2012

Jimmy Deyoung 90x115by Jimmy DeYoung

The geopolitical events of 2011 like the United States military pullout from Iraq, Iran’s continued development of a nuclear weapon of mass destruction, the Afghan War, and the continuation of the Arab Spring have a connection to the prewritten history that can be found in Bible prophecy.  However, the most significant indicator that we are entering the times of the end is what has unfolded in the Middle East in 2011 and what 2012 seems to hold for our world.  This is dramatic evidence of the soon fulfillment of all of Bible prophecy that can be found in God’s Word. 


Prophecy Clock Races in 2011

Jan Markell 90x115by Jan Markell

As we exit 2011, some things are certain in this age of uncertainty. Most readers will acknowledge that the end-time clock is racing. The year started with violence as a deranged gunman shot and killed or wounded many in Arizona. One of the victims was a U.S. Congresswoman. As 2011 winds down, chaos and violence rage around the world. The 1960s are being relived as angry young people demand that world governments bow to their anti-capitalist ideas.  Violence and instability are everywhere, however, and particularly in the volatile Middle East.

So what else do we see? The world is riddled with war and rumors of war. Our churches are no longer sound. True Christianity is under attack from all sides, and Christians are being marginalized as intolerant bigots. In far-away places, Christians are being slaughtered in the name of Allah. Nature seems out of control as we observe record-setting disasters everywhere. Greed and corruption are the engines that run just about everything. Israel and Jerusalem are blamed for most of the world’s problems. Allow me to expand on some of these.