Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Normally for Easter most people think about Jesus death and resurrection and rightly so. We’re supposed to live our lives everyday in such a way that we celebrate the sacrifice he made and his resurrection, but Easter is the one day out the of the year that celebrate it more than any other. I would like to take a few moments and read from Job. I know, I know, Job is not exactly the book you read the resurrection story from, but bear with me.


Close Encounter or Just Shock

by Ron Graham

“And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.Acts 7:56. Stephen saw a vision of Jesus just before he was stoned to death. There are many occurrences within the pages of God’s word where some have seen either an angel or a Christophony. In Stephen’s case he saw the Christ, the living Son of God the Father, in all His glory.

Many books have been written throughout the years which tell stories of those who’ve gone through a near death experience. Some of these folks claim to have seen God and some say they have even spoken with Him. In some cases these people have been declared clinically dead for a few minutes before returning to this human dimension. During that time they claim to have experienced something supernatural. Some have made rather hard to reconcile claims about having seen Heaven in all its glory and others claim to have been transported to the deepest dungeons of Hell itself, by Jesus Christ no less. Some of these stories have been so cleverly portrayed that many believe they must be true.