Receive The Holy Spirit Part 2 … The Gifts

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This Week’s Feature Article by Jack Kelley

Last time we discovered that Pentecost was not the day the Disciples received the Holy Spirit, but instead it was a time when He came upon them with an unmistakable display of power (Acts 2:1-4). Remember, they had already performed miracles in the Lord’s name. When He sent the 12 out to preach to Israel, He gave them authority to heal the sick and drive out demons (Luke 9:1-6). After that He sent out 72 others to every town in Israel, Jewish and Gentile, and they were able to heal the sick and drive out demons too (Luke 10:9,17). But never before had anything like the events of Pentecost happened.


American Sharia

by Ron Graham

The title of this commentary is a complete contradiction in terms. The possibility of America and Sharia co-existing in the land of the free and the home of the brave is ludicrous. Other countries, such as England , are experimenting with this concept and are currently trying to develop a cohesive existence between their own original form of Parliamentary law and Sharia. So far it’s a disaster. A government under Sharia law cannot co-exist with any other form of government, period.

Many of our government leaders are currently conspiring to scrap the U.S. Constitution. Our Constitution has far too many restrictions on power grabbing. These government leaders must replace the Constitution of the United States with something else. Tampering with 234 years of proven success concerning our current form of government is madness. Mark my words, Sharia law will move in the moment our Constitution is moved out.