Homeland Security Calls Good Evil

Jan Markell 90x115 by Jan Markell

Mosab Hassan Yousef tells Americans that they have no idea about the dangers ahead. Who is this young man and should we pay attention to his warning? Yousef is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a founding leader of Hamas. The organization is a brutal terrorist outfit responsible for endless carnage not only against Israel, but also America. They currently control what is known as the Gaza Strip, surrendered by Israel for promises of peace in 2005. Only more bloodshed followed this give-away of land.


The Gaza Ambush and the Aftermath

Chris Schang 90x115 by Chris Schang

We are finally about to enter the 48th hour of the Gaza flotilla ambush and the ensuing aftermath nightmare that has caused Israel to receive condemnation from the world community. Every anti-semite, leftist liberal, and Islamic maniac in the world has lashed out at Israel despite the overwhelming evidence that points to the fact that this Gaza flotilla was not a humanitarian mission as advertised, but rather an evil terrorist operation. Israel had warned the organizers of this flotilla “weeks” ahead of time not to allow the boats to leave port and head to the blockaded terrorist haven of Gaza which is currently rules by one of the most violent and fanatical terrorist groups in the world – Hamas. Despite the warnings, the Turkish government, who is actually just as responsible for the carnage as the event organizers, defied the Israeli warnings and sent the activists…er….terrorist on their merry way to wreck havoc of the coast of Hamastan (Gaza).