End-Time Activity Keeps Pushing Higher

by Todd Strandberg

I might be stating the obvious, but over the past several years, I have noticed a gradual increase in the amount of end-time activity. It has become so pronounced over time that the trend can be clearly seen on the site’s Rapture Index.

Last week, the Index reached a high it had not seen since January 2003. Right after the all-time high, triggered by the fallout from 9/11, prophetic activity subsided for a couple years…but then it began a prolonged rebound.

The yearly low reading is equally impressive. It has been more than five years since the RI has dropped below the 150 level. The record low is 57, which seems an impossible reading to reach with today’s level of activity.

‘Iran to go nuclear within month’

by Chris Schang

In an apparent snub to the international community, Iran was quoted by the Jerusalem Post today declaring that within a month that they would go nuclear and join the world’s “nuclear club”. The Iranians appear to be flaunting the world’s demands that they cease their illegal nuclear program and submit to international inspections and supervision. The Jerusalem Post reported:

Iran will join the global nuclear club within one month, according to the deputy research chief of the Islamic republic’s Atomic Energy of Iran (AEOI). Fars on Tuesday quoted Behzad Soltani, who also serves as the secretary-general of the AEOI’s Scientific Cooperation Council, as saying that “no country would ever think about attacking Iran” once the nuclear threshold has been crossed. “We do not intend to use the peaceful nuclear energy merely for generating electricity and energy, rather our next step would be expanding use of this technology,” Soltani reportedly said. Radiation, he said, can ensure that “foodstuff, proteins and vegetables are preserved for a longer time and with a higher quality.”