Jerusalem Day!

jerusalem-1 On November 29, 1947 the United Nations partitioned the British Mandate for Palestine creating two states – the Jewish State and the Arab State. The resolution stated Jerusalem was to be an international city belonging to neither state. In 10 years the citizens of Jerusalem would vote as to which state to join. The leadership of the newly formed Jewish state of Israel agreed to this plan, however the Arab leadership did not.

The following day Israel was attacked en masse by her Arab neighbors. Israel’s War of Independence had begun. Jordan captured east Jerusalem and the Old City. Israeli forces made a valiant attempt to thwart them; however, they were unable to do so. By the end of 1948 Jerusalem was divided between Israel and Jordan. In the Jordanian portion of Jerusalem all traces of Jewish existence were defaced including turning the Western Wall into a dump.


America’s Only Real Defense

by Terry James

I received a phone call from my friend Chris in New York City the other night and there was incredulity in the distinctive NYC brogue while he talked. A subway train conductor, he was flabbergasted over the number of police personnel combing the subway and other places in the great city on the Hudson.

When a New Yorker who sees as much as a subway conductor sees every day gets excited over something, it is best to pay attention. The intensive concern of the authorities was, he and I surmised, over the attempted bombing in Times Square. Rather than easing as the present moved farther from the moment of the discovery of the loaded vehicle, the anxiety and effort to find…we don’t know what…is increasing everywhere my friend looks.