O Jerusalem

by David Harris

The Advertising Standards Authority, Britain’s independent regulator of advertising in the media, recently criticized Israel for – shock of shocks – including a photo of the Western Wall in a tourism advertisement placed in British newspapers.

It asserted that Israel had no right to do so because the Western Wall is technically in east Jerusalem, and Israel cannot claim authority over land there. It is, therefore, “misleading,” the ASA said, for Israel to suggest that the Western Wall is as much a part of the Jewish state as the beaches of Tel Aviv, also featured in the same ad.

The ruling implies that the Western Wall – which, as the last remaining relic of the Second Temple, represents Judaism’s holiest site – should either be erased from future ad campaigns or designated as “occupied territory.”

The Battle of Ezekiel 38-39 … Part 1

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

I first began studying Ezekiel 38 in the 1980’s and have watched with great interest as our changing world conforms more and more to Ezekiel’s words.  As the time of the end draws nearer the insights we gain from the changes around us give us a better understanding of Bible prophecy in general and Ezekiel 38 in particular.  In this update of our study we’ll apply these insights to Ezekiel’s 2600 year old prophecy.

What Time Is It?