Now This is Cool!

This seems like something out of a Left Behind Movie but this video was taken from dashboard camera of a Sheriff’s vehicle in Howard County, Iowa


End-Time Activity Keeps Pushing Higher

by Todd Strandberg

I might be stating the obvious, but over the past several years, I have noticed a gradual increase in the amount of end-time activity. It has become so pronounced over time that the trend can be clearly seen on the site’s Rapture Index.

Last week, the Index reached a high it had not seen since January 2003. Right after the all-time high, triggered by the fallout from 9/11, prophetic activity subsided for a couple years…but then it began a prolonged rebound.

The yearly low reading is equally impressive. It has been more than five years since the RI has dropped below the 150 level. The record low is 57, which seems an impossible reading to reach with today’s level of activity.