It’s Getting Dangerous Out There — A Preacher Is Arrested in Britain

by Al Mohler

We have seen this coming for some time now. The public space has been closing, especially when it comes to Christian speech — and especially when that speech is about homosexuality.

Now, a Christian preacher has been arrested in Britain for the crime of saying in public that homosexuality is a sin. This arrest is more than a news event — it is a signal of things to come and an announcement of a new public reality. Even if all charges are dropped against this preacher, the signal is sent and the message is clear. The act of Christian preaching is now a potential criminal offense.

MSNBC sorry that Times Square bomber is Islamic

The media continues to feel empathy towards terrorists. From this video of Contessa Brewer feeling sorry that the Times Square bomber was from an Islamic background to CNN making the comment that they “Wonder If Times Square Bombing Suspect Was Stressed From Being Foreclosed On” Can we make any more excuses for this kind of behavior? I wonder if it would have been a middle aged White man that had attended a Tea Party rally if they would afford him the same empathy?

As the man once said, “Let’s go to the tape”